Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I haven't been on here in nearly 8 months. What a slacker! My how things have changed in 8 months. Life is extremely different. We have adjusted to life with THREE kids, and we absolutely love our third addition. Madelyn has been a complete joy these last 8 months. We are SO blessed!

Ryan started the nursing program as well at Muskegon CC. He now has about a year and 1/2 until he is done! (with his associates that is.) There are days that it seems that he has been in school for forever, but then it feels like time has just flown as well. We are extremely excited we are finally to this point. God is good, and He has seen us through this whole journey with out fail. (Why do I ever doubt Him with worry!?)

Evan started preschool in September at Zeeland Christian, and he has been adjusting really well! I think the harder transition has been on me, having all his stuff together, making sure he is up on time in the morning, getting myself ready and out the door, (as well as two other kids!) It's been an adjustment for me I think more than anyone, but I am extremely happy he is doing well and making new friends. His teacher has been amazing, and its been great connecting with other moms as well.

Though Alivia absolutely adores Madelyn, I think her adjustment to Maddy coming into our lives has been more difficult than anyone else. Liv was always a mommy's girl, BIG time. Partly because I gave into her about everything. (my fault) She was used to me "coddling" her as Ryan calls it, and after Maddy showed up,  mommy's time has been limited. I've been trying to find things to do with each kid separately to have that time with them. They love helping with things and sometimes I need to just take a few minutes, understand it might take longer in asking for their help, but include them more on day to day tasks. I need to work on this!!

Though our life is crazy right now, balancing work, school and family time, we have been BLESSED so so much. We are extremely grateful to be on this journey, even if its not always easy. I hope everyone has a GREAT rest of your week. We are headed to Great Wolf Lodge with my family for the weekend thanks to my parents. I'm looking forward to some time with my family who we don't get to see that often. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Madelyn Jean

March 28th, at 1:20 in the afternoon Ryan and I welcomed into the world our sweet sweet daughter Madelyn Jean DeVries. She weighed in at 7lbs 14oz and was 19 1/2 inches. She is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way. I never would have imagined how blessed and whole I would feel after the loss I suffered in the miscarriage. God ALWAYS knows what He is doing, and He ALWAYS has a plan in mind. I'm so glad He chose to give us Madelyn. She is the perfect final missing piece to our family that makes it complete.

Evan's Birthday

Evan's fourth birthday was so much fun. I LOVED making his Diego cake. It was so much fun seeing him get so excited about everything Diego. His Diego fascination has calmed down a bit, however he still loves him. He had a great party which was quite busy with all of his cousins there, but we had a great time. It was fun watching Evan enjoy his special day.
So this is so outdated. Oh well. Better late than never I suppose. I never posted pictures of Christmas or Evan's fourth birthday. (I can't believe I have a four year old! The things he says are out of this world!) Anyway, I'll start with a few of Christmas, which was four months ago already! Crazy! Here is Alivia at my parent's on Christmas. It was so much fun this year watching the kids open presents. It was awesome to share in their excitement.
Here are some of the Kapenga family Christmas. It's crazy to think there are two more babies in the mix now. Our family just keeps growing!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wow, It's been forever since my last post. Life has continued in it's usual fashion; Constantly busy. We survived the holidays with multiple parties and too much party food. It was so much fun this year watching the kids enjoy Christmas, and really get into it. I will try and post pictures of the last couple months in my next blog entry. One post at a time! Ryan had off from school for 3 weeks so it was awesome being able to spend time with him while he was home. Now unfortunately it is back to our "normal" busy schedule of him being either working or at school every night. Its life as we know it right now, and its the way it has to be for a while. It's crazy that he has less time at MCC now then what he has been there for to become a RN. That being said, he still has many more years of school ahead of him and it's the life we will know for a while. God has been so faithful through this entire journey. The way things are always so well laid out, it couldn't be anything but His guiding hand.

January 10, Evan turned four! I can't believe how old that little man is getting. He acts and talks so grown up these days. I love his love for learning new things, asking deep questions and his curiosity for life. He is such a joy and Ryan and I are so blessed to be his parents. He is so special and has such a pure heart.

Alivia is nearly potty trained. I say that, when really she is potty trained, I just haven't given up the pull ups yet at night. I don't remember the last time she had an accident. She is always dry at night and naps, I just haven't been able to let go of the pull ups yet. This is probably bad on my part, I just haven't wanted to deal with wet sheets in the middle of the night, just in case. I think we will go one more week for sure and see how she does. She is doing fabulous and I'm so so proud of her!

Baby #3 is definitely a rambunctious one, just like his/her siblings. I am measuring right on for 31 weeks, so the baby is right on track. For the most part, I have been feeling pretty good. I've been over the ickiness since about 16 weeks, which was a huge blessing. My job being a more physical one however, I am completely wiped out at the end of my shifts and usually find myself falling asleep by 8:00. Though I could complain about all the aches and pains of pregnancy, I feel incredibly blessed to be carrying this baby. I already feel and know what a blessing this child will be in our lives.

Speaking of Baby #3--I guess I'll share what's been on my heart lately. Though I wasn't pregnant very long with my third pregnancy, I lost my baby (or babies--I'll never know til I meet him/her--them someday) at about 6 1/2 weeks. We were told at our ultrasound there were two "somethings" I even have the picture still. Talk about shock--(you should have seen Ryan's face at that ultrasound-priceless!) I found out it could be twins on May 13 (It was Friday the 13--a day I don't think I'll ever forget!) My doctor called me that weekend to tell me he wanted me to do blood work. So I did--my first draw my HCG levels were in the 2000's--a normal range for being so early. Then I had blood work done again two days later and they dropped to the 900's. My doctor, (who I can't speak highly enough about) called me at 8:00 at night, just to give me my lab results. Unfortunately I was miscarrying and waiting for it to happen. I can't tell you the devastation one feels after learning you're pregnant, finding out it could be twins--then, finding out you lost them. I have to say it was one of the most devastating things I have ever gone through. I think only a mother who has lost a baby will truly understand the hurt that comes with the loss. I guess the reason for my story is because the last month I have been thinking so much about this lost baby, or babies. My due date was the 12th. It has come and gone, and though I have not forgotten, it seems life just went on as normal. I don't expect others to remember. I know I haven't remembered others due dates that have lost their babies, but now I know how it must have felt for them on that day that came and went with out any acknowledgment of that little life. I've always said I believed life began at conception, but now I can say it and truly believe it. Anyway, I guess this is my way of acknowledging this little life, or lives. I look forward to the day when I will get to meet him or her, or them. I'm almost confident this lost child, or children will be one of the very first waiting for me when I'm called Home some day.

One might wonder how I can feel sad about my miscarriage when I'm carrying another child. And don't get me wrong, I don't want my miscarriage to downplay my pregnancy with this baby at all. I love this child I am carrying and can't wait to meet him or her. This child was a gift and a reminder of God's hand in my life. A reminder that my timing isn't always God's timing, and that's ok. His timing is perfect and He never makes mistakes. I'm so excited to meet this little peanut I can hardly stand it. We are so blessed.

Well, I think I've given my two cents for the night--maybe a little more than needed. Hopefully I can get my act together and post some pictures of my cute little kids soon. Happy weekend everyone!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A picture is worth a 1,000 words...

We went "camping" at Ryan's parents house over the labor day weekend. I guess you'd call it camping to Corey and Heather as they stayed out there in their trailer, and me, well I am not as adventurous and slept in the house. :-) We had a great time each day we were there. Ryan had to work that weekend unfortunately so our time was more limited than Corey and Heather who camped all weekend, but every day we had fun as did the kids. We took the kids on a hike on Labor day, had a gigantic slip and slide in the backyard (which everyone took part besides me!-oh and Clay!) had fires, hobo pies and watched the guys play badminton. It was a great weekend and can only sumed up in pictures

Monday, August 15, 2011


Though life is crazy, and will never stop being crazy in some sort of way, Ryan and I are happy to announce our crazier news. Baby #3 is coming beginning of April! Sorry to disappoint, but just like Alivia and Evan, we will not be finding out what the baby is. (The surprise is so much fun!) I had an ultrasound last week and we were able to see the heartbeat and the little nugget. Everything looks great and my feelings of ickiness is just another reassurance that things are as they should be with the pregnancy! After a heartbreaking miscarriage and the healing that has come out of that, we couldn't be happier. God is faithful over and over again. Once again, He's proven that.